Summer's Here to Stay

We have had a lot of lazy mornings, days of playing and fun by the pool. The boys are so excited about our trip to the beach. First we have to have to celebrate Gavyn's 3rd Birthday! I can't believe he's 3! I know I say that or something similar every time a birthday comes around, but I mean it. It makes me count our blessings daily and give thanks for my two wonderful children. WE LOVE SUMMER!!!





Grayson's friend Matthew brought a couple of bunnies over before Easter this year. We played with them out in the front yard and the boys loved them. I'm not planning on buying any bunnies anytime soon, but it was fun to see the boys reactions.




A Busy Week

We had a busy week, especially with the new puppy! Her name is LULU and she is so cute. She is a great puppy and has been such a joy for the boys. They love playing with her. Grayson loves to cuddle with her and Gavyn just runs around screaming, so she chases him. I love seeing them happy!


Hope You Had a Happy Valentines!


No School Today

Grayson doesn't have school today because it's winter break, so he is really excited. It's pretty chilly, so I'm not sure how we will be entertained today. Maybe we will make Valentine Cookies and Crafts or go to see a movie. 

I'm so proud of Grayson, he rode his bicycle without training wheels for the first time last night. He had a friend over and said he wanted to get his bicycle down. We've tried to teach him before, but he always loses interest after he realizes it's hard work to get your balance. He literally hopped on and went. He got a rock scooter for Christmas that he loves and it helps him with his balance. I think the scooter helped big time with the bicycle riding. 

Gavyn on the other hand is such a daredevil. He doesn't want to push the pedals, he just wants to do tricks all the time. I caught him standing up on his bike, snapped and picture,  and quickly told him not to do that anymore.


Phone Dump

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